How much does Shopify cost

How much does a shopping cart cost

So how much does Shopify really cost? Shopify has three price plans, Basic Shopify, ShopifyAdvanced Shopify and a Free trial of 2 weeks. Each plan has different features and a way so save money. I will tell you more about how you can save money buy choosing the right plan for your webshop is my other blog: Does Shopify take a percentage of sale.

Shopify Free Trial

Shopify Free Trial is a good place to get started. With the free trial you can setup you store and find out if Shopify is the webshop hosting site for you. You can try out the different features and possibilities that shopify has to offer

Basic Shopify Plan

The basic Shopify plan is with a price of $29 per month the cheapest plan and offers the basic features. This plan designed for webshops that are getting started. As starter you probably don’t have the time to worry about anything else than you core business. With only $29 per month Shopify takes away all you worries about buiding a website and hosting your webshop. I my eyes $29 is cheap if you compare it to the time you will save.

Shopify Plan

The Shopify plan cost is $79 per month. It’s more than 2x the price of the Basic Shopify plan but is does offer some great benefits over the basic plan, which I will point out in a bit.

Advanced Shopify Plan

The most expensive plan is the Advanced Shopify Plan which costs $299 per month. This plan is meant for the bigger stores under us. When your at the point that you need this plan, $299 will probably fit your budget perfectly.

Shopify plans compared

As you noticed there is quite a difference in the cost of the Shopify plans. So before you choose your plan it’s best to compare the features and the Shopify’s transactions fees to see which plan fits your ecommerce webshop.

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